Davy Jones' Lager Candle
Davy Jones' Lager Candle

Davy Jones' Lager Candle

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Available every pirate port between the poles, Davy Jones’ Lager is the drink of choice for discerning seafarers far and wide. The silken scent of golden honey and toasted spices mixed with the warmth of the aged wooden barrels and smoked tonka beans makes this maritime mead immediately recognizable and a must have when sailing all Seven Seas!

  • SCENTS - Toasted Spices, Golden Honey, Aged Barrels, Smoked Tonka Beans
  • SCENT TYPE - Sweet (not foodie), Unique
  • NOTES - This is not a boozy scent - it is an interpretation of a sweet mead with subtle notes of golden honey and toasted spices. If you like our Wizard’s Pub, you’ll love this (it’s a similarly “sweet” scent but without the butterscotch). 
  • WAX & OILS - Made with Natural Soy Wax and Essential Oils
  • WICK - Paper Cored, Lead Free
  • 8 OUNCE - 70+ Hours of Burn Time
  • 16 OUNCE - 120+ Hours of Burn Time
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