Gothic Library Wax Melt

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From the dusty light streaming through the arched stained glass windows to the musty scent of medieval scrolls stacked in the tombed cellars, when you’re in a Gothic Library, you know it! And with our newest creation bearing the same name, Gothic Library will infuse your modern space with the ancient fragrance of aged papyrus, preserved parchment, and all manner of medieval books.

  • SCENTS - Medieval Books, Aged Papyrus, Musty Pages
  • SCENT TYPE - Lighter, Clean, Books, Unique
  • SCENT STRENGHT - Moderate - 3/5
  • COMPLEMENTARY SCENTS - Enchanted Library
  • NOTES - This scent is great as a book scent without the leather or rose and is less polarizing/more middle of the road than Enchanted Library.
  • WAX & OILS - Made with Natural Soy Wax and Essential Oils
  • USE - Use in any Wax Melt Warmer
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