Voodoo Bayou Wax Melt

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Gliding past gators, silent as death, to the tiny hut tucked in the center of Voodoo Bayou; the only sounds, the chilling clinks of bone-laden wind chimes and the eerie chorus of the marsh-dwellers, serve as both a welcome and a warning. Their message is clear: get the magic you came for and get out. But you'll not soon forget the warm and earthy mystical scent of Voodoo Bayou, beckoning you back...if you dare.

  • SCENTS - Bay Leaf Smoke, Spanish Moss, Marsh Grasses
  • WAX & OILS - Made with Natural Soy Wax and Essential Oils
  • WICK - Paper Cored, Lead Free
  • 8 OUNCE - 70+ Hours of Burn Time
  • 16 OUNCE - 120+ Hours of Burn Time
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