Bootique Hotel Library Diffuser Oil

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Library - Abounding with hefty tomes from celebrated writers long since laid to rest in the tombs, the Library at the Bootique Hotel is the stuff of literary lovers’ dreams…and stocked full of leather-bound legends, folklore, and timeless tales. Whether you want to sit a spell and pour over spells, search through scrolls of research and study, or simply feed your need for knowledge, the Bootique Hotel Library has it all, complete with a seat reserved just for you.

About Bootique Hotel - For ghosts and ghouls seeking lodging during their travels, THE place to stay is at the esteemed Bootique Hotel. The aged awnings and weather worn shingles of the spirit world's premier haunted hotel beckon tired traveling shadows to temporarily retire to its porches and balconies and to enter within its celebrated walls for a brief yet luxurious respite. The spooks and specters who haunt these hallowed halls come from near and far and are constantly changing, with the notable exception of the hand-selected and time-honored hotel staff...they're here for the rest of their unnatural lives.

  • SCENTS - Aged Parchment, Worn Leather Covers and Furniture, Dusty Wooden Shelves
  • SCENT TYPE - Unique, Warm
  • SIZE - 10 mL.
  • USE - For use with your favorite electric diffuser. Use per your diffusers instructions. Shake closed bottle before each use. Be sure to wipe bottle after each use to prevent drops from staining surfaces. Wash hands after each use.
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