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About Bootique Hotel - For ghosts and ghouls seeking lodging during their travels, THE place to stay is at the esteemed Bootique Hotel. The aged awnings and weather worn shingles of the spirit world's premier haunted hotel beckon tired traveling shadows to temporarily retire to its porches and balconies and to enter within its celebrated walls for a brief yet luxurious respite. The spooks and specters who haunt these hallowed halls come from near and far and are constantly changing, with the notable exception of the hotel staff...they're here for the rest of their unnatural lives.

Lobby - The sounds and scents of a bustling lobby strike you first: the dull brass ding from the bellstand, the clangy flutter of swapping skeleton keys, and the antique trolleys awaiting the ghosts upon check-in, fully stocked with the Bootique's signature and subtly fragrant blend of spiced orange blossoms and white tea leaves.

Ballroom - The sandalwood dance floors are expansive and expensive - where they were previously pristine and shiny, they are now lit only by the hazy glow from the dust-draped chandeliers and the muted flickers of the shadow flames emitting from the wall sconces. This once-opulent room of a bygone era had succumbed to decades of disuse before the staff restored it to its former glory and presently, it's the preferred spot for the spirits' nightly celebrations.

Basement - Amidst the maze of dusty pipes and the groanings of the gargantuan furnace, the Basement is a spot so spooky, even the staff stays away if they can help it. Very few venture into the Bootique's basement except when seeking specific items (like cobwebbed cradles and cots) or to stoke the smoky fires but one thing is clear: if you must go down there, don't go alone.

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  • LOBBY SCENTS - Spiced Orange Blossoms, Soothing White Tea Leaves
  • BALLROOM SCENTS - Warm and earthy Sandalwood, Smoked Vanilla Beans, Smoky Sconces
  • BASEMENT SCENTS - Dusty Teakwood, Musty Belongings, Furnace Ash
  • WAX & OILS - Made with Natural Soy Wax and Essential Oils
  • USE - Use in any Wax Melt Warmer
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