Pirate's Revenge Candle
Pirate's Revenge Candle

Pirate's Revenge Candle

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Avast! If it's the scent of a raging battle on the open sea that ye seek, look no further! Whether someone's stolen yer booty, yer wench, or even yer own ship, our Pirate's Revenge candle will have ye well on yer way to seeking yer vengeance and exacting what's yers! 

  • SCENTS - Musty Ocean Water, Salty Sea Breeze, Cannon Fire and Smoke
  • SCENT TYPE - Heavier, Slightly Smoky, Masculine-type
  • SCENT STRENGTH - Strong - 5/5
  • COMPLEMENTARY SCENTS - Forbidden Temple, Dark Harbor
  • NOTES - If you liked Dragon Queen, you'll like Pirate's Revenge.
  • WAX & OILS - Made with Natural Soy Wax and Essential Oils
  • WICK - Paper Cored, Lead Free
  • 8 OUNCE - 70+ Hours of Burn Time
  • 16 OUNCE - 120+ Hours of Burn Time
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